Welcome to the Georgia Tech Office of Research and Assessment for Student Life.  As you explore our site you will learn that our mission is consistent with the Institute's Designing the Future: Strategic Plan, Goals and Initiatives.  The Office of Research and Assessment supports this Plan as we aspire to continuously improve programs and services in the Division of Student Life.

Our assessment efforts reflect our commitment to accountability and to an evidence-based, systematic process of data-driven change. Assessment results empower us to make justifiable changes to programs and services including: 1) Operational focus; 2) Program modification; 3) Resource allocation/requests; and 4) Revisions to rules or procedures.

In alignment with Georgia Tech’s Strategic Plan, Goal 5: Relentlessly Pursue Institutional Effectiveness the following strategies guide our efforts:

  • Collect, analyze, and interpret data in an effort to continuously improve divisional programs and services. 
  • Conduct a variety of quantitative and qualitative assessment mechanisms to support division/ campus-wide assessment. 
  • Inform the Division about important developments in assessment and best practices in assessment and throughout higher education. 
  • Work with directors and deans throughout the Division in developing, maintaining, and conducting effective assessment activities. 
  • Collaborate with students, faculty, and staff in the design, methodology, and administration of surveys. 
  • Assist in the development of research questions and moderation of focus groups. 
  • Provide feedback, as appropriate, on annual assessment plans and final assessment reports. 
  • Author, present, and/or publish divisional and/or institutional reports as needed. 
  • Present research findings on from institutional surveys (e.g. CIRP, NSSE, etc.) 
  • Collaborate with the Education Advisory Board and serve as the primary contact for custom research projects. 



The mission of Research and Assessment for Student Life at Georgia Institute of Technology is to continuously improve programs and services in the Division of Student Life.  Programs and services are improved through the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data which serve to guide and inform our decision making.