Institute Surveys

Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP)

Each year, hundreds of two-year colleges, four-year colleges and universities administer the CIRP Freshman Survey (TFS) to hundreds of thousands of entering students during orientation or registration.

The survey covers a wide range of student characteristics: parental income and education, ethnicity, and other demographic items; financial aid; secondary school achievement and activities; educational and career plans; and values, attitudes, beliefs, and self-concept.

Published annually in "The American Freshman," the results from these surveys continue to provide a comprehensive portrait of the changing character of entering students and American society at large.

2011 CIRP Freshman Survey Report


NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) Report

NSSE summarizes the findings of the 2011 National Survey of Student Engagement of Georgia Tech first-year students and seniors. The survey measures the extent to which students report that they are engaged in empirically-demonstrated effective educational practices and what gains (or perceptions of gains) they make through their college experiences.

Georgia Tech surveyed all first-year and senior students in Spring 2011. A total of 637 first-years and 820 seniors completed the survey, with a total response rate of 28.4 percent.

2014 NSSE Institute Report

2011 NSSE Institute Report


BCSSE (Beginning College of Survey Engagement) Report

2012 BCSSE Institute Report

2013 BCSSE Institute Report